Le Groupe Loyal révolutionne l’industrie du taxi! - ID Gatineau

The Loyal Group is revolutionizing the taxi industry! - ID Gatineau

If you thought the taxi industry was in decline, Taxi Loyal will change your mind. Founded in 1985, Taxi Loyal, which became owned by George Rizk in 2002, underwent a major transformation under the leadership of Alexander Rizk, George's son. Alexandre, a business visionary, modernized the company, growing from 24 cars in 2011 to a much larger fleet today. It also introduced a shared dispatch center, the largest in Quebec, which handles calls for several taxi companies, providing significant economies of scale. Alexandre collaborated with ID Gatineau to validate and develop his project, and despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company retained all of its staff, preparing for future growth.

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