Responsible for bookkeeping, preparation of financial statements, payroll management, tax compliance and financial analysis. Ensure accuracy, compliance and financial analysis while working closely with management.

Main responsibilities :

  • Bookkeeping : Record and classify financial transactions accurately.

  • Preparation of financial statements : Prepare balance sheets, income statements and other financial statements according to accounting standards.

  • Payroll management : Prepare and distribute salaries, while ensuring compliance with legal deductions and contributions.

  • Tax Compliance : Prepare and submit tax returns, ensuring compliance with deadlines and regulations.

  • Financial Analysis : Evaluate financial data to identify trends, costs and revenues, and provide recommendations.

  • Reconciliation : Verify and reconcile accounts to ensure data accuracy.

  • Advice : Collaborate with management to provide financial advice and support decision-making.

  • Professional update : Stay informed of the latest accounting and tax regulations.

Required skills :

  • Strong skills in accounting and finance.
  • Mastery of accounting software.
  • Attention to detail and precision.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Good communication skills and professional integrity.

Qualifications :

  • Degree in accounting, finance or related field.
  • Previous experience in accounting or a similar position.
  • Professional certification (e.g. CPA, CMA) is an asset.

Working conditions :

  • Office work.
  • Frequent use of computers and specialized software.
  • Collaboration with other departments.
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